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I am a 50 year old short lady living in a blue city house in Virginia. I play uke with my daughter, have a house full of pets and volunteer for an awesome abortion fund. I like books, crafts, politics (I think social justice is the way to go), the DIY lifestyle (though with my family that mostly involves duct tape) homeschooling, fat activism, Health At Every Size, riding bikes with my mister, dance classes, burlesque, drinking beer with friends, blah blah blah- you get the picture. Liberal, white, crunchy-in-the-city stereotype. I plan to get backyard chickens soon - see?


reproductive rights, homeschooling, HAES, dance, reading, fat activism, fiber arts, crafts of all sorts, playing guitar and uke, riding bikes, dogs, cats, social justice, Pinterest, sewing, nail polish