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March 16, 2007



kinda like natural penicillin for the dog!

I had a room like that as a child. My mom only came in about twice a year.


ryc on Xanga- I don't think those are Waldorf math books, but I think they'd be compatible. They are more for reinforcement than for the initial teaching. The stories would help the kids to better understand the applications and to memorize some of the geometry terms, in a fun way.

Waldorf math involves gnomes rather than knights.


I think you must be me, but living in America. I have the same name as you,I'm a dreadful housewife, and I have a teenage son and husband just the same as yours.
I had to venture into the teen's room tonight(it wasn't pretty) because there were no knives and forks to eat with - they were all up in his room.
Jeez, it was bad. The whole room smelt like a guinea pig hutch.
So, I hear you sister.


Me thinks some nominations are in order :)

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