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May 25, 2008



Lynn -

I love your blog. I would not eliminate a single one of the words that led to these pretty jarred vignettes. I really like the gigantic pinecone next to the two baby trees reaching upward.


Kirsten (knitsteel)

I grow some orchids in that same style of jar.

You could also start using doilies, to protect your tabletop. You should put some under the clay pots.

Kirsten (knitsteel)

Did my first comment go through? typepad confuses me.


well, aren't you clever ;) Couldn't you make a felt table cover or something of that sort for table protection?
We have a whole storage locker full of fussy furniture inherited from my mother-in-law. My husband calls it "dollhouse furniture" because it is small and useless... we have no time to deal with it right now, but I guess we'll eventually sell it off.


Bex! Hey!

knitsteel- I have a bunch of old doilies around here somewhere. So much junk in my house!

Tiff- I have ten million pets, so felt table cover would end-up looking like a fur table cloth. Any table cloth would just make the cats want to lie there.


can you please email me at home?

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